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Full Stack Digital Marketing Specialist

Our Digital Marketing course includes many different skills for online marketing.

Digital Marketing is a broader term and people often are confused with the terminology. It is a combination of different skills. It means, it is a stack of skills, that’s why we call it Full Stack.

Digital Marketing is a highly demanded skill in the market. Today, every company wants a digital marketing professional to run its business.

There are many categories of online marketing. Including Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Paid Advertising on Search Engines, and Social Media.

In our Digital Marketing Specialist Certification Program. We cover almost every aspect of online marketing.

Digital marketing training

Our Training program is based on real-world scenarios and case studies. Our professional trainers provide you with an opportunity to learn through advanced learning methods.

There are many Digital marketing digital marketing course in Islamabad. But we teach you from basics to advance. For example, how to perform digital marketing operations smoothly without trouble.

Students will earn smart income in a very short time. Many students start their own businesses by completing our Full Stack Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. There are many digital marketing institute. But we offer Full stack Google digital marketing course.

Digital Marketing Specialist Course is a combination of 5 Courses:

    2. WEB Designing/Development/ WordPress
      In this course, we teach from basic to Advance how to create a professional website for business, E-commerce, resturants etc.

      Web development service

      1. Search Engine Optimization Expert
        In this course, we teach from basic to Advance SEO. How to rank any websites on Google or any search engine. How to increase traffic on a website & how to manage a business on google.

      3. SEO Training
      4. SEO Link Building Expert
        Link building training enables you to work on keyword ranking and website popularity. Students start earning on link building very soon.

      5. Link building training
      6. Online Advertising or PPC Professional
        Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the key capabilities in digital advertising. But These paid advertisement campaigns are highly profitable.

      7. PPC training
      8. Social Media Marketing                                          Today, Social Media marketing is an advance marketing. In this platform, selling and purchasing are easy. Many traders run their business through social media marketing.

      9. Social media marketing
      10. Creative Content Writer
        No business can be popular without informative contents on the website, social media or business listings. Because Contents are the blood of internet, which can impress the customers by their wordings.

      11. content writing training

Key Features of Digital Marketing Course:

      • Live interaction with professionals
      • Latest tools related to SEO like SEMRUSH and SPYFU
      • Keywords and Competitor analysis
      • Step by step guides
      • Working on different projects
      • Real Projects to work on
      • Case Studies

Benefits of this course:

No doubt Digital Marketing is the most paying and demanding job globally. Therefore, vast amount of posts are available, from SEO managers, and SEO analysts to digital marketing managers.

It is easy to find a job for Full Stack Digital Marketing Specialist. Because they cover all major aspects of eMarketing.

Benefits of training

Earning Overview:

An expert full-stack digital marketer is earning 2 Lacs to 5 Lacs salary in Pakistan. Because the starting salary of expert Digital Marketer is not less than 80K. So, Professionals can also work online on Fiverr, Upwork, or other online marketplaces.

We believe that you don’t pay us the fee. But you invest in your digital skills and then you start earning for rest of your life.

Training Options:

XIO offers two types of training options

Online Training

You can do an online Digital Marketing Masterclass Training in an inconvenient manner at our XIO website. Detailed lectures will be given on every topic, along with assignments.

The duration of the online Course is 3 months, with 3 classes per week from Monday to Friday.

Digital Marketing Course in XIO Training Center

If you are not an online sort of person. You can come to xio training center to take our Course. We start new batches frequently.

You will get a trial class based on which you can decide whether you want to continue the Course or not. So, the training will be given to you by Highly experienced trainers.

Xiosol training

The duration of this crash course is 3 months with 5 classes per week from Monday to Friday.

Rules and Regulations :

XIO offers a broad and open atmosphere for learning digital marketing in Islamabad. But you will need to follow some rules while in the duration of our course, I.e.,

      1. You cannot bring prohibited items.
      2. Entrance is not allowed without a student id card given to you within a few days of commencing of Course.
      3. Political or religious discussions. Which lead to fighting and other similar activities are strictly banned.

Eligibility Requirements:

Anyone who wants to do Digital Marketing training, Online Business. Job related to SEO, SEO strategies, Marketing Strategies, Web development, or anything can do this Course.

Pre-requisites for the Course:

Anyone who has little grip on computers and is interested to learn Digital Marketing can take this Course. Because no strong IT background or experience or study is required.

Digital Marketing Tools Covered:

All tools are provide you for training during the courses.

      • SEO (Ahref, Moz, Semrush, Spyfu etc)
      • PPC (GoogleAds, Google keyword planner etc)
      • Google Analytics, Google Search Console.

Why take the Course in XIO:

XIO offers some of the unique facilities that are really helpful for learners.

      • We offer access to our Trainers to help you with the problem facing the Course.
      • All paid subscriptions of Tools related to SEO will be provided to you during the Course within the cent only.
      • Live projects would be given for practical work to make you an expert.
      • If you want to do the job, we will help you find the right one.
      • Fast internet is available at the center for efficient learning.
      • A mosque facility is also available for offering prayer.

Course Certification :

We offer a comprehensive certificate of the Course to every individual at the end of the Course.

A golden Certificate is also available. Which would be given to the person who would secure the most marks at the test conducted at the end and on the basis of his determination during the Course.

Reviews of our Course:

Students that have done this Course through XIO are right now in top positions. Like Managers, Analysts, etc in big companies. So, they often pay a visit to our center and recommend all people go through this Course.

Benefits of the course

  • We make you Full Stack Digital Marketers.
  • You will learn to provide solutions in the eMarketing
  • You will be able to get lots of opportunities on Fiverr, Upwork etc

Topics for this course

14 Lessons 90 hours

Search Engine Optimization?

Complete On-Page SEO
Complete Off-Page SEO
Technical SEO
SEO tools

Link Building

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Creative Content Writing

Web Analytics

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to do Digital Marketing, Online Business, Job related to SEO, SEO strategies , Marketing Strategies , Web development , or anything can do this Course.

Your Instructor

Muhammad Haris


  • Duration 90 hours
  • Lessons14
  • Skill levelAll Levels
  • CategoryDigital Marketing, SEO

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